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About Ray Kelly, UgPie Founder

For over fifteen years, Ray J. Kelly helped companies and small business owners bring their visions to life through his work in the copywriting, content development, virtual-world script creation, online game development, digital marketing, and website production industries. Itching to put his management experience and creativity to work for his own dream, Ray launched UgPIE.


UgPIE provides a creative outlet for Ray’s passion—writing and producing back-to-basics  storybook experiences for children. Ray’s stories for children promote the values of unconditional love and compassion, encourage creativity and imagination, embrace the beauty of difference, and emphasize the im­portance of sharing, community and equality.


Ray lives in San Francisco, California, with his tremendously kind and supportive spouse, David, and their highly needy but always lovable four-legged companion, Layla.

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