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Good natured, page-turning fun

Travel through space and time with Doodle and his friend Nancy


Doodle just had an amazing dream about a tiny blue elephant named Nancy, and he can’t wait to tell you all about it! From the moment a birthday wish is made, to the revelation of an exciting secret, My Tiny Blue Elephant chronicles the adventures of the most unlikely, fun-loving and free-spirited travel duo.


My Tiny Blue Elephant is a 33-page full-color illustrated storybook experience that takes children and their adults on an imagination-filled journey of friendship and sharing, spanning the shores of Egypt, Spain and beyond!

Meet Little Josie and her very special garden of flowers


Little Josie has just learned that her beautiful and beloved flowers are actually weeds! In an effort to clean the yard, her father has tasked her with pulling every last one! What is a passionately determined little girl to do?


Little Josie Blue Eyes—Flowers for Everyone is a 46-page, full-color, illustrated children's book that emphasizes the power of creativity, community and the importance of giving without expecting anything in return and the priceless lesson that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

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